Cloud9 a fine dining rooftop restaurant with wonderful aerial view of the city serving Indian, Chinese & Tandoor specialities with a live cooking counter. Delicious food prepared with utmost care by our dedicated and passionate chefs , we try each preparation to be to authentic and palatable to your taste buds. We welcome you to Cloud 9 to bing on our food and relax enjoying the stellar view of chennai and the night sky. You can also host small parties and social celebrations at cloud 9.


US101- Sports bar a place somewhere between your home and work. Relax, unwind & enjoy the DJ music, sports or entertainments. Watering Hole , that is just right for weekend hangouts or casual weekday catch up with friends and family. With a wide spread of popular mixes of liquor and juices and groovy music to tap your foot to , US 101 -sport bar is just the ideal place for relaxed evening .Enjoy the live streaming of sporting events while you sip on our fantastic alcohol mixes.